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Demystifying the State House

1, 1.5 or 2 Hour Formats

Participants will be given an overview of the Massachusetts legislature, legislative process, how to contact and lobby legislators, as well as how to utilize their offices as a resource for clients.

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Making the Most of Macro

1 or 2 Hour Formats

This workshop will provide an overview of the different types of macro social work, and identify key words and skill sets to build your macro muscle. Even if full-time macro isn't the goal, you will leave with a new appreciation and understanding of why macro is important and how to weave it into your clinical practice.

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Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA) Workshop
April 22, 2021

This workshop provided key concepts and best practices on engaging communities in policy change and leveraging the lived experience of victims/survivors. Sophie Hansen and Caitlin LeMay shared examples and made connections of how policy advocacy is necessary for supporting survivors. The facilitators gave examples of centering the voices of survivors in the policymaking process without exploiting their time and story. Considerations were shared around cultural competency in engaging survivor communities in policymaking.

Professional Services

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Resume Services

Price ranges $10-$35 depending on detail

Get an experienced job seeker and hiring manager to review your resume with a social work lens.

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Individual Supervision


Provides supervision to Massachusetts LCSWs looking to obtain their LICSW

Job Consultant

$30 for half hour

Looking to make the switch to macro?


sophie talking to a large group of students sitting in church pews
sophie in a navy blue suit holding a purple folder with a group of women behind her speaking at Congress
sophie in a blue button down shirt with an orange scarf holding a clipboard

"Professor Hansen is disciplined, structured, engaging, grounded, invested, and passionate... She is concise, succinct, and gives clear instructions on expectations. She radiates empowerment, strength, determination, and resilience...You can tell she is not only an empathetic clinician, but an effective and competent one at that." - BC SSW, Fall 2023 [Basic Skills in Clinical Social Work]

"Sophie is an excellent presenter, and the course content was so rich, and varied! I got so much out of this workshop and felt very inspired afterwards!"- March 2023 [Making the Most Out of Macro]

"Professor Sophie Hansen is an outstanding educator, one who cultivated a classroom environment where students could be curious, vulnerable, and welcomed. She's attuned the diversity of experiences within a space, and possesses a singular capacity in facilitating difficult conversations with both grace and respect...As a student of color, it was deeply meaningful to have an educator like Professor Hansen who was committed to anti–racist practice in both action and word. "- BC SSW, Spring 2022 [Social Welfare System]

"I don't think I could have survived this course without a professor as dedicated, available, and genuine as Sophie Hansen. For those of us who come into the course with no macro background, the level of detail provided during class and the patience provided is what made it...Lastly, it was notable that Professor Sophie wanted all of us to succeed, enjoy the course, and gain something out of it."- BC SSW, Spring 2021 [Social Welfare System]

"I thought the presentation was very informative and helpful in understanding all layers of government in Massachusetts. I felt very inspired to become more involved in advocating for certain bills." - June 2020 [Making the State House Work for You]

"Sophie was wonderful. She did everything she could to make this semester work with all of the difficulties each and everyone of us were facing, including herself. She made learning this stuff interesting and fun and made me think about maybe going forward with it in the future"-  BU SSW, Spring 2020 [Social Welfare System]

"Thanks so much for helping my dream to reignite. I'm really excited to see what my future holds." - BU SSW, Fall 2019 [Social Welfare Policy I]